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Les Miserables In Concert


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Richard J Hunt is impressive as Harry and delivers two outstanding numbers, ‘Chilli Cheese Fries’ and the rather moving ‘Heartburn’ - energetic, hard-working and delivers 100%.

 - Musical Theatre Review

Vocally there are a couple of stand-out performances too from Richard J Hunt as the ever-hungry Harry


- The Stage

Richard J Hunt is also worthy of high praise as the Baker/Judah being highly animated throughout and displaying excellent comic timing he really has excellent stage presence and a real scene stealer.


 - the public reviews

Richard J Hunt who played Judah and The Baker showed a deft flair for comedy.


 - british theatre guide

South Devon's Richard J Hunt as the Baker/Judah was just fabulous and a natural.


 - Herald express, torquay

Richard J Hunt’s vibrant tenor shines.




But the star of the night had to be the fantastic Richard J Hunt, who played the Baker and Judah, both brilliantly!

A talented dancer and singer – his enthusiasm exuded and you could tell he was genuinely happy to be a part of the show. He was fantastic!




The cast are all excellent but Richard J Hunt as Judah especially stood out from the rest.



The ensemble worked well together with Richard J Hunt as A stand out performer.



Best performance of the night came from Richard J Hunt as Baker and Judah. He has some great comic timing throughout the show and strong stage presence


Richard J Hunt is very special with the kind of versatile voice which is quite rare. He sings his main solo ‘Heartburn’ in a sweet romantic voice can bring tears to the eyes and the tears turn to laughs which turns into a roar every so often as the pain kicks in


Richard J Hunt (playing Harry) is excellent as the larger college lad who likes his food but has a heart of gold. He has a brilliant singing voice and this is used well with his solo number. He has an energetic personality which is needed to convey the warmth of the character.

 - NumbBumBlog

Richard J Hunt as The Genie was probably the most standout of the performers


- The Swindonian

Richard J Hunt really stands out, Hunt's energy and comic timing are captivating.


 - UK theatre network


Richard J Hunt, as Judah/Baker, thoroughly enjoys every moment under the lights, a delight to watch.




I must admit also to a fondness for Richard J Hunt, He’s a stellar stalwart of the show, who’s always lively and giving it 100%, really getting into the spirit of the thing.  His vivacity is infectious.



Richard J Hunt, in the dual role of the baker and Judah, had the audience in stitches and is like a sunbeam every time he comes on the stage.



Among the rest of the company, Richard J Hunt is the obvious stand out.



Richard J Hunt is jolly and enthusiastic as Fatty Arbuckle.



The standout is Richard J. Hunt, with a passing resemblance to Jack Black, His Comic timing is well-judged.




Richard J Hunt stood out with his comic performance as the West Country baker